We can turn nearly any wall into a dry erase “whiteboard” using specially-made commercial grade coatings.

This is one of the most requested specialty applications we offer, especially to offices and the many start-ups in the San Francisco Bay Area including the South Bay, East Bay and Peninsula (view map of our service area).

Unlike “do-it-yourself” whiteboard paints some other painters use, our superior coating dries to a smooth clear gloss surface that is:

  • Long-lasting
  • Non-yellowing
  • Leaves no ghosting or shadowing
  • Works with regular dry erase markers
  • Plus, the transparent coating allows you to keep the wall color you want, keeping with the aesthetics of the room… or we can apply it over a traditional bright white surface.

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Important tips and our professional advice:

  • Unlike other painting contractors, we use the industry preferred commercial-grade Sherwin-Williams brand Dry Erase Coating, used in offices and schools nationwide, and not the consumer-grade paint available at your local hardware store.
  • The inexpensive do-it-yourself dry erase paints will result in “ghosting” and “shadowing”, leaving your whiteboard not-so-white over time and erasing will become more difficult.
  • While regular interior paint costs $25-$50 per gallon, the commercial coating we use costs nearly ten times as much (around $400 per gallon) and is only available to professional painting contractors (it is not available “over-the-counter”). You’ll still be saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over installing traditional whiteboards, plus we can apply the whiteboard coating from floor to ceiling and even on curved walls.
  • If another contractor is giving you a much cheaper bid, they’re probably using the regular paint from your local hardware or arts & crafts store. The commercial paint we use is a two-part coating that is combined on-site, just minutes before paint application.
  • We complete most jobs in 2-3 days. One day for preparation, sanding and primer, drying overnight, and final application the following day.
  • The coating requires 7 days of curing time after application. It may be dry to the touch after 6 hours, but you’ll need to wait one week before writing anything on the wall. Therefore, be ready to post signs to make sure no one touches or brushes against the wall for a week. We recommend applying the coating on a weekend when fewer people are around.
  • Even when starting with a very smooth wall, a painted dry erase surface will never be as smooth as glass or a regular whiteboard. The final surface might have the feel of an orange peel, but you’ll still be able to write and erase as easily as on a traditional whiteboard. If your current wall is rough textured, we may need to do some extra sanding to smooth the surface.
  • Finally, when it’s time to move or remodel, the surface is simple to paint over; just lightly sand the wall, apply primer, and apply your new topcoat.
Wall painted with Dry Erase Whiteboard Coating
Wall painted with Dry Erase Whiteboard Coating

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